Take A Tour Of A Show Flat At Marine Blue

marine blue loungeThe Marine Blue Condominium has been created right in the heart of the wealthy and popular Katong area of Singapore to provide luxurious accommodation for people who never want to be too far away from one of the most influential area of the country. Currently there are a number of Marine Blue show flat being demonstrated to potential investors and homeowners, but the questions remains – what does the area have to offer people interested in moving there?

Firstly the complex is in close proximity to the city, making travel back and forth simple and convenient. This is of extreme importance for people who have regular business in the city and should be a factor to think about for anybody in that situation.

Additionally, the Katong area itself is extremely popular, featuring some of the best schools in Singapore for the more family orientated person. Education is extremely important to our children, so living in an area where you know your child will receive the best tutelage possible is always a positive point.

The area also houses the beautiful East Coast Park, which is one of Singapore’s most scenic national park experiences. Featuring luscious beaches and coastlines, complete with wonderful palm trees, in addition to a range of activities like cable skiing and a skate park, the East Coast Park is an exceptional attraction and will surely be a regular haunt for people living in the area.

We can’t forget the shopping malls either. Katong has a number of high-end shops that are sure to slake the thirst of any avid shopaholic. The newest and best in fashion and technology is available just a short distance away from the Condominium area, which is even more reason to visit a Marine Blue show flat today and find out for yourself what Katong has to offer.