Seoul Scholars International – The Best International School in Seoul

Seoul Scholars International is situated in Dachi-dong, Gangnam-gu in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. The location is reputed for being the heartbeat of Korean education and borders several exciting neighborhoods. The school is non-profit and non-government, independent secondary education school that caters for education need of gifted students from 8th to 12th grade. The institution was founded to provide quality education to those who aspire to study abroad as well as for expatriates and returnees who’re looking for a quality education that they are accustomed to. SSI’s solitary goal is to create quality secondary education with international standards and provide a learning environment where students can thrive. To ensure that this goal is achieved, the school’s administration has put more emphasis on advanced and rigorous education delivery. Here are more reasons why Seoul Scholars International is ultimately among the best International school in Seoul when it comes to quality international education.
International accreditation and recognitionThe school is recognized and accredited by the world renowned and reputable examiners. Some of the accreditation the schools has include the USA AdvancED, California’s NIPSA, Britain’s Cambridge, ACT Test Center, KORCOS, and SIWA. These are international accolades and recognitions that are only awarded to world’s education powerhouses that have met the set stringent international standard. Very few international schools in Seoul boast of all these accreditation.

Highly trained and skilled staffs and teachers
Teachers are at the heartbeat of success enjoyed by any center of education. At Seoul Scholars International School, teachers are not only selected based on their education qualification, but also skills and experience. Every faculty or department in the institution is headed by a skilled and academically qualified staffs who exhibit the ability to create and maintain the institution’s goal. This isn’t a secret as all details in regards to all the administration and teaching staffs are published online.

International curriculum
With the above accreditations and recognition, little is left for guessing about which curriculum the school uses. In a nutshell, SSI curriculum includes English Curriculum, Page Social Studies Curriculum, Page, STEM Curriculum Page, and the Electives Curriculum Page. Simply put, the institution embraces the best that the world has to offer academically. This places it on the same level just like any other top ranked International school in Seoul and the world over.

Nutrition is a challenge to most international schools in Seoul. This isn’t so at Seoul scholars international. The school serves both local and international balanced meals. This ensures that students from all cultural backgrounds are served with their authentic meals. Nutritional experts run the kitchen and so there are almost zero chances of any student nutritional need not being met.
Students counseling
Almost all students between 8th and 12th grade are in their teen. This means that they are undergoing critical stages in their lives. This factor coupled by relocating to a different country can have a diverse effect on most of them. The school through its academic advisors play a key role in individualizing and supporting the educational experiences of all SSI students. The advisory department work with students as soon as they’re admitted and continues to monitor students’ progress. The school’s advisors are ready and willing to assist the students in achieving their academic goals through prompt advice and guidance. There’s also a very vibrant counseling department that provides a wide range of services designed to cater for a student’s academic, social and emotional needs. In rare but extreme cases does the advisory or counseling department involve a parent/s or guardian.
Without a doubt, Seoul Scholars International is indeed one of the best international school in Seoul. It offers a rich and wide range of academic courses as well as extra-curuculum activities that provide an overall student development. The instruction of experienced staff, rich curriculum and the cool environment that the school provodes are vital factors for academic success.