Seoul Scholars International – The Best International School in Seoul

Seoul Scholars International is situated in Dachi-dong, Gangnam-gu in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. The location is reputed for being the heartbeat of Korean education and borders several exciting neighborhoods. The school is non-profit and non-government, independent secondary education school that caters for education need of gifted students from 8th to 12th grade. The institution was founded to provide quality education to those who aspire to study abroad as well as for expatriates and returnees who’re looking for a quality education that they are accustomed to. SSI’s solitary goal is to create quality secondary education with international standards and provide a learning environment where students can thrive. To ensure that this goal is achieved, the school’s administration has put more emphasis on advanced and rigorous education delivery. Here are more reasons why Seoul Scholars International is ultimately among the best International school in Seoul when it comes to quality international education.
International accreditation and recognitionThe school is recognized and accredited by the world renowned and reputable examiners. Some of the accreditation the schools has include the USA AdvancED, California’s NIPSA, Britain’s Cambridge, ACT Test Center, KORCOS, and SIWA. These are international accolades and recognitions that are only awarded to world’s education powerhouses that have met the set stringent international standard. Very few international schools in Seoul boast of all these accreditation.

Highly trained and skilled staffs and teachers
Teachers are at the heartbeat of success enjoyed by any center of education. At Seoul Scholars International School, teachers are not only selected based on their education qualification, but also skills and experience. Every faculty or department in the institution is headed by a skilled and academically qualified staffs who exhibit the ability to create and maintain the institution’s goal. This isn’t a secret as all details in regards to all the administration and teaching staffs are published online.

International curriculum
With the above accreditations and recognition, little is left for guessing about which curriculum the school uses. In a nutshell, SSI curriculum includes English Curriculum, Page Social Studies Curriculum, Page, STEM Curriculum Page, and the Electives Curriculum Page. Simply put, the institution embraces the best that the world has to offer academically. This places it on the same level just like any other top ranked International school in Seoul and the world over.

Nutrition is a challenge to most international schools in Seoul. This isn’t so at Seoul scholars international. The school serves both local and international balanced meals. This ensures that students from all cultural backgrounds are served with their authentic meals. Nutritional experts run the kitchen and so there are almost zero chances of any student nutritional need not being met.
Students counseling
Almost all students between 8th and 12th grade are in their teen. This means that they are undergoing critical stages in their lives. This factor coupled by relocating to a different country can have a diverse effect on most of them. The school through its academic advisors play a key role in individualizing and supporting the educational experiences of all SSI students. The advisory department work with students as soon as they’re admitted and continues to monitor students’ progress. The school’s advisors are ready and willing to assist the students in achieving their academic goals through prompt advice and guidance. There’s also a very vibrant counseling department that provides a wide range of services designed to cater for a student’s academic, social and emotional needs. In rare but extreme cases does the advisory or counseling department involve a parent/s or guardian.
Without a doubt, Seoul Scholars International is indeed one of the best international school in Seoul. It offers a rich and wide range of academic courses as well as extra-curuculum activities that provide an overall student development. The instruction of experienced staff, rich curriculum and the cool environment that the school provodes are vital factors for academic success.

Using Paintless Dent Repair Panel Beating Method

If your car was involve in an accident or some other incidence, you might be forced to seek the service of a panel beater Melbourne. Some of the insurance companies may recommend where you will get these services if it happen your car was involved in accident. Using paint less dent method is the most appropriate for most automobiles which was manufactured after 1990 and do well for little or big blemishes given that the external lining part of the colour was not broken. Paint less dent repair method can be much effective and can be the surest method of restoring back your automobiles to its original unique state.

bumper scratch damage

Paint less dent repair can be one of the best ways of maintaining and repairing holes for your automobiles and forms one of the first available options for car panel beating. This method can be viewed as a new strategy that is being employed these days in panel beating. It has being proven to be the easiest, cheapest and cost effective approach to fixing car blemishes. With the increased use of computers and easy access of information through internet search engines, getting the right organization to repair your automobiles has been made easy. Most people are not aware of the best methods that are used in car or automobile car panel beating and are advisable you seek the help of an auto mechanic to reduce cases of using and seeking services from incompetent organization.

Panel beating is a specialized activity that requires a wide range of resources and excellent methods which can only found with best auto mechanic stores and board beaters. For the best results, you need to exercise much tolerance, experience and a stable hand to make the ideal of the car system and paint.


The results obtain from panel beater Melbourne relies mainly on the tools and equipment and competitive craftsmanship. Always look for service companies who have good reputation and employ the right technology. Also the organization you will select should be able to give some assurance that they will deliver quality work if given the assignment.


Circle lenses can be described as cosmetic lenses which encompass a generally wide and black ring on its posterior which widens the iris making your eyes appear bigger than they actually are. These lenses are referred to as big eye circle contacts in medical circles. Most people wear the non-prescription types which do not have any underlying effects on the user’s vision.

circle lensA large number of people wear these lenses for a number of reasons such as the following;

To enhance looks depending on special occasions such as Halloween and anime parties.

People would also like to add a bit of fun and magic to their looks.

Others simply wear them in order to imitate the appearance of their favourite characters such as manga, anime and Naruto.

These lenses differ from the normal lenses in that they make the eyes seem larger than they actually are. In addition they cover both the iris and the outer rim of the eyes which makes the iris seem bigger.

Before choosing the right circle lenses for your eyes you should consider certain factors:

Ensure that you understand the enlargement effect of the lenses. To do this you need to check both the diameter of the lens and the limbal ring in order to get the right effect.

Secondly the comfort level is very important for you. Ensure the lenses have a water content of between 50 to 60 % In order to allow oxygen permeability. However you should consult your doctor to establish the right moisture content for you.

big eyes contacts

Additionally you should ensure that the lenses blend well with the lenses. Choose a colour that is in tandem with the colour of the iris.

If you wish to achieve a natural look with these lenses go for those without the limbal ring and blend well with the color of the iris.

Finally the despite the circle lenses having the effect of making you look exquisite and being cheap, they have the disadvantages of having short lifespan with limited wearing time each day and also few dealers are authorized to sell them.

Ways To Make Money From Your WordPress Blog

Nowadays, blogging is one of most preferred ways of establishing your business presence on the World Wide Web. This is because they offer an insight into lives of very many people. Are you aware that you can also make a living from blogging? First, you need to learn how to create a wordpresss blog and how you can earn from it. There are bloggers out there earning a full-time income by blogging for money. After creating your blog, you will need to monetize it.

Ways to monetize your blog
Contextual ads You will need to sign up for sites such as AdSense, Kontera, and Chitika to add the advertising links to your web blog. Each time your blog visitor clicks on the links, buy something from your sponsor or views ads, you will earn some money. You will get a percentage of a given revenue. To use these types of services, you will apply to the advertisement providers who will review your blog first before accepting it.
Selling advertising space

You can sell advertising space to companies. You can only do this when you have growing popularity and steady traffic. It is advisable to approach various companies and provide them with advertising space on your site for a fixed monthly price. This form of advertising is quite different from other programs such as Google Adsense as you are only paid when your blog visitors click on the ad.
Affiliate marketing

This is a form of marketing that is performance-based. This means that a business rewards the affiliates for every customer that is brought through affiliate’s own marketing efforts. As an affiliate, you should look for a quality product and promote it on your blog.

You need to build a prospect or customer list. This provides you a platform to keep in touch. This means that you can offer additional services and products. One of the ideal ways of creating lists is to get your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. When you offer attractive products, customers will be encouraged to provide their email addresses.

CPA offers

CPA is quite to similar to the affiliate marketing methods. You will be paid to complete tasks for advertisers and companies. Some of the tasks include providing contact information or downloading software programs. You are free to select offers you want to promote.
Sell products and services

Your blog should be receiving a steady amount of traffic. You are free to sell your products and services to the loyal visitors. You can impress your prospective customers by proving examples of your works. Thus, by learning how to create a wordpresss blog, you are bound to generate passive income online.

If your traffic can find the information you provide on your blog valuable, then you can request them to donate some money. Most popular e-commerce payment platforms such as PayPal provide customizable donation button.
Maintaining your blog After knowing how to create a wordpresss blog, you need to keep it updated with fresh and engaging content. In this way, you can attract more readers. You can click here to learn how to create wordpress blogs and earn money online

Are you doing SEO for your website? Why is it crucial to your Success!

So What the Heck is SEO?!

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Which basically is the process of optimizing your website so that in ranks in the search engines. i.e Google.
Why would you want to do that?

Well, there are over 50,000 searches on Google per second which over 3 billion searches a day. When people are searching on Google – they are looking for a solution to their problem. If you can be in front of them when they are looking for you – then that’s the best customer you’ll ever get!

Long are the days of cold calling prospects and selling them services they don’t even need. People have so much access to information all at their fingertips – so if you business is not ranking in search then its invisible and your business is probably going to go bankrupt soon.

Well, I guess you are already suffering now otherwise you won’t even be reading this blog post.

To start off with good SEO, you need 3 main things.

1) You need a plan.

Many people think it’s just about keyword research – but forget about the rest. You need to plan for your brand, the target market, strategies & more. (which I’ll get into in future posts). The reason is because you need to decide which type of content you want to put on the site, and also determine why people will pick your business over another. So just like normally businesses – you should have a competitive advantage!

2) You need to be willing to do what is hard, not what is easy.

I’m not sure where I heard this quote which goes by the following: If you do what’s hard, life will be easy. But if you do what’s easy, life will be hard. This concept for life applies for SEO aswell.
You might be tempted by those services which can rank you within 1-2 weeks, but don’t be fooled. You get short term gains but long term pain because you might not even be able to rank again since Google knows you are gaming the system.
Good SEO takes time, be prepared to wait 3-6 months for some visible results. Just like if you wanted to compete in a marathon – do you just run super fast by training for 1-2 weeks? Of course not! So don’t get sucked into this trap.

3) You need to build your site on a good foundation

This is important because many sites are not SEO friendly and simply won’t rank as well. For example free website builders such as (this is totally for 7 year old kids! If you are serious about your business then run away quick from those free website builders!)

For a beginner, I recommend to build your site on wordpress. You can build your site by following this how to make a WordPress website tutorial which I used.

Many people use wordpress because, it is the most search friendly platform. In fact, it’s the most popular so if you want support or have problems – the internet is full of solutions! Just Google it!

Those who disregard SEO, then you can kiss your business good-bye in the next few years.

Change is happening and at a rate faster than you can even imagine.

Get started today and reap the rewards tomorrow!

Why Choose SM Inc for NBR Floats

When it comes to the production and distribution of NBR float, we are the people that you should trust. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best product accompanied by high quality services. This comes from a massive wealth of experience that we have gathered since we started doing this business. The company was formed in the year 2006 and by the end of that year it was in full operation. Since 2006, the company has receiving different certifications which are based on the quality of its products. Some of the certifications that it has received include ISO 14001, Certified to UL, its quality was approved by Bark among many other commendations

SM Inc specializes in producing foam rubber which is also sometimes refered to as cellular rubber. Here are some of the qualities that our floats have.

• They don’t allow the penetration of liquid and this is because they have a closed continous and independent cell structure. This feature also allow the float to maintain some levels of bouyancy and at the same time prevent the possibility of catastrophic failure which is associated with other rubbers.

• They have a low liquid absorption rate but have high thermal and electrical insulation which are the most attractive features in the mechanical physics.

• They are compatible with many liquids and also have a superior chemical resistance. This makes the floats safe to use with gasoline, diesel and alcohol blended fuels.

• They have a uniform cell structure which makes them to be more reliable.

Another feature that distinguishes NBR float from others is that they can be moulded into different shapes and sizes. This can happen without the quality of the float being compromised. The floats have a certain range of density which effectively takes care of the fuel needs in the automotive industry. However, a special density float can be designed when you place a special request. The floats also operate safe temperature and pressure ranges though you can also place your special request for customization. If you are in automotive, liquid propane or any other liquid sensing industry, just contact the company for the best NBR floats.

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